Saturday, December 12, 2009


In my opinion, it's now official.  Brother Owen White, otherwise known as the Ochophobist, is a real jerk.

In one of his latest posts, Owen White has decided to take on Emmanuel Orthodox Church and Saint Stephen's Orthodox Church to task because they sing praise music.  Evidently, these two parishes that came to us from the Charismatic Episcopal Church are just not Orthodox enough for Owen.

Emmanuel as you may recall from an earlier post has a period before their Divine Liturgy and after Matins where they sing praise music for around 30 minutes.

If I recall correctly, parish members of Saint Stephens sing praise music during the week in small group settings.

Owen White treated Father Ken Devoie in a condescending manner in the comments section after his critical posting.

I will post more about this story later.

Brother Owen needs to quit acting like such a pompous ass.  Again, this is only my own opinion.

Forgive me.

Columba Silouan


J-Dog said...
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The Way said...

I have to comment since I serve at both parishes and have recently been cursed by Owen, who is praying for me and my children to suffer and be cursed by God. As a member of the clergy, I will pray for Owen daily, since his praying for anyone to be cursed is destroying his own salvation. This is someone that is truly sick, and needs prayer.